Writer, editor, avid reader. Cat lady, bookworm, yoga enthusiast.

Professional herbal tea drinker, amateur tarot reader.

Often found in the forest. Baba Yaga aficionado.

Jennifer Wright

Founder, Writer & Communications Specialist

With a background in linguistics and 9 years of communications experience, Jen is passionate about language and the power of storytelling.

Jen’s additional specializations in cultural and gender studies brings a focus on inclusivity, and an understanding of social and economic issues on a micro and macro scale to her work.

12 years ago, a single yoga class sparked an interest in wellness that continues to grow exponentially. An advocate for yoga, mindfulness, and alternative modalities, Jen specializes in bringing unique alternative voices into their full authentic potential.

Jen also has a special interest in working with fiction and narrative, including full manuscripts.

In her spare time, Jen can be found reading and writing about folklore, nature, witches, and magical realism.

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