Writer, editor, content creator. Urban elf who loves relaxing in trees.

Beach-goer, constant proponent of the power of positive thinking.

Supporter of affirmations, grounded in practical logic.

The love child of Tolkien elves & Norse mythology.

Pauline Wheatley

Writer & Editor

From an early age, an avid interest in both metaphysics and creative writing led Pauline on the path to acquire her background in holistic health, linguistics and personal empowerment.

Pauline is an experienced writer, editor and content creator. Driven by her desire to make written works better than when she found them, she takes pride in providing the best copy possible.  Pauline graduated from Grant MacEwan University in the field of Holistic Health and has combined her passion for wellness with writing. She is committed to providing a unique voice for every client as each has their own story to tell. 

As a writer, her future goals include successful completion of a NaNoWriMo novel sprint and having a written work published by Hay House.  

In her leisure time, Pauline enjoys going to the beach, curling up with a good book and supporting sustainable eco-fashion. 

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