“Jen is constantly on-top of my marketing schedule, and has a knack for bringing focus back to the issues and concepts that matter. She’s constantly full of new ideas, and is always looking for the next exciting way to improve my business.”
Vesna A, business owner 

“Jennifer always amazes me with her quirky but oh-so-relevant ideas and approaches to corporate comms. She effortlessly shifts between different digital media platforms and has a brilliant brain when it comes to workarounds. She’s a master at getting the right tone in a message, sensitive to the perfect mood.”
– Mandy C, colleague

“You have done a marvelous job. Thank you for taking the time to edit my baby. She looks beautiful. ..You’ve done so much and gone above and beyond, and for that I am forever thankful.”
Lee J, author

“Jennifer’s ability to distil complex information into a clear and digestible format…[and] her innovative approach to often dry material leads me to recommend her capacity for a both methodical and creative problem-solving process.”
Gillian M, colleague

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